Collaboration & Planning

Below is a list of research and information sources relevant to WDNA Priority 1: Collaboration and Deer Management Planning. You can filter the list by clicking on ‘Filter References’ and refining by geographical location and/or keywords.

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Acceptance of deer management strategies by suburban homeowners and bowhunters

Agenda-setting and power in collaborative natural resource management

Attitudes of urban and suburban residents in Indiana on deer management

Bargaining Over Common Property Resources: Applying the Coase Theorem to Red Deer in the Scottish Highlands

British Columbia urban ungulate conflict analysis

Can managers inform models? Integrating local knowledge into models of red deer habitat use

Choice and development of decision support tools for the sustainable management of deer-forest systems

Collaboration for community-based wildlife management

Collaboration in natural resource governance: Reconciling stakeholder expectations in deer management in Scotland

Collaborative Frameworks in Land Management: A Case Study on Integrated Deer Management

Collaborative Frameworks in Land Management: A Case Study on Integrated Deer Management (website)

Community-based deer management: a practitioners' guide

Community-based suburban deer management: six case studies of issue evolution, capacity and intervention

Community-based wildlife management: a case study of Sika deer in Japan

Comparison of effects of different methods of culling red deer (Cervus elaphus) by shooting on behaviour and post mortem measurements of blood chemistry, muscle glycogen and carcase characteristics

Conservation with a Gun: Understanding Landowner Attitudes to Deer Hunting in the Scottish Highlands

Current and future deer management options. Report on behalf of DEFRA European Wildlife Division

Deer fencing and forestry

Deer management on the National Forest Estate: current practices and future directions 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2017

Deer/elk management actions in suburban environments: what will stakeholders accept?

Demographic changes in a Scottish red deer population (Cervus elaphus L.) in response to sustained and heavy culling: an analysis of trends in deer populations of Creagh Meagaidh National Nature Reserve 1986-2001

Dimensions of capacity in community-based suburban deer management: the managers' perspective

Emergence of cooperative behaviours in the management of mobile ecological resources

Environmental and Strategic Uncertainty in Common Property Management: The Case of Scottish Red Deer

Factors Associated with Shooting Accuracy and Wounding Rate of Four Managed Wild Deer Species in the UK, Based on Anonymous Field Records from Deer Stalkers

From deer problem to people solution: a case study from Montgomery County, Maryland

Gender and ethical judgements about suburban deer management

Habitat monitoring in the wider countryside: A case study on the pursuit of innovation in red deer management

Heat exchanges and energy balances of grazing animals

How attitudes are shaped: controversies surrounding red deer management in a national park

How dear are deer volunteers: the efficiency of monitoring deer using teams of volunteers to conduct pellet group counts

Identifying conflicts and opportunities for collaboration in the management of a wildlife resource: a mixed-methods approach

Incentivising the collaborative management of mobile ecological resources

Indicators of ecological change: new tools for managing populations of large herbivores

Interactions between ecological and social drivers in determining and managing biodiversity impacts of deer

Intervention and capacity considerations in community-based deer management: the stakeholders' perspective

Is legislation a barrier to the sustainable management of game species? A case study of wild deer in Britain

Killing animals for recreation? A quantitative study of hunters' motives and their perceived moral relevance

Land Use Change on Scottish Highland Estates

Managing deer in the countryside

Managing urban deer in Connecticut

Mapping wildlife: integrating stakeholder knowledge with modelled patterns of deer abundance by using participatory GIS

Modelling conflicting objectives in the management of a mobile ecological resource: Red deer in the Scottish Highlands

Monitoring woodland deer populations in the UK: an imprecise science

Nationwide trophic cascades: changes in avian community structure driven by ungulates

Pests or valued resources? Conflict in management of deer

Preferences for wildlife management methods among the peri-urban public in Scotland

Preferences of suburban landowners for deer management techniques: a step towards better communication

Public perceptions of wild deer management: pilot study

Recent declines in populations of woodland birds in Britain: a review of possible causes

Reconstructing sustainability; participant experiences of community land tenure in North West Scotland

Red and sika deer in the British Isles, current management issues and management policy

Red deer and woodland regeneration in the Cairngorms

Red deer at a crossroads—An analysis of communication strategies concerning wildlife management in the ‘Bayerischer Wald’ National Park, Germany

Shared appreciation of woodland landscapes by land management professionals and lay people: An exploration through field-based interactive photo-elicitation

Sustainable deer management: a case study report for the Deer Commission for Scotland

The impact of legislation on collaborative management: the case of wild deer

The Implications of Red Deer Grazing to Ground Vegetation and Invertebrate Communities of Scottish Native Pinewoods

The influence of information provision on people’s landscape preferences: A case study on understorey vegetation of deer-browsed woodlands

The Islip deer initiative: a strategy for stakeholder involvement in deer management

The management of roe deer in peri-urban Scotland

Towards a research agenda for woodland expansion in Scotland

Tradeable hunting obligations - a new approach to regulating red deer numbers in the Scottish Highlands?

Urban Biodiversity: successes and challenges: human perceptions towards peri-urban deer in central Scotland

Validating mammal monitoring methods and assessing the performance of volunteers in wildlife conservation - 'Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies?'

Who's in and why? A typology of stakeholder analysis methods for natural resource management

Wild Deer, Multivalence, and Institutional Adaptation: The 'Deer Management Group' in Britain.